1 Exploration

Explore the Tech, Content, Disciplines, and Collaboration involved in Augmented and Virtual Reality for Developers, Students, and Enthusiasts. As a classic Community building style Meetup Group, everyone is encouraged to contribute as attendee, host, demos, speaker, committee member, or by bringing some chips and salsa. 

2. Education

In coooperation with Groups, Companies, and Educational Partners, produce instructional events and fun exercises in XR development. 

3. Community

Anyone in Santa Cruz interested in the disciplines involved in Virtual and Augmented Reality Presentations, Development, Game Engine Programming, Audio, Digital Art, and Game Design are invited to participate. 

  1. 4.Sharing Collaboration

Already Developing for AR or VR? Help foster a Creative VR Community on the Central Coast by attending, sharing your work, works in progress, or help beginners. 

5. Diversity

Inviting Writers, Historians, Sculptors, 3D Artists, Photographers, Musicians, Programmers, Film makers, Architects, Gamers , and Storytellers to cultivate a Creative Collaborative Learning and Networking Space. Perform outreach to under represented groups including women and minorities.

               Join, check back often, Get Involved and help organize!


Santa Cruz XR, the idea: Community Exploration and Education 

Santa Cruz XR

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